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Welcome to Legacy Montessori Academy - Frisco

What sets Legacy Montessori Academy apart?

  • Smaller class size.
  • Emphasis on developing the whole child (Emotional, social, and academic needs).
  • A child centered environment.
  • Self guided discipline.
  • Low student teacher ratio.
  • Develop initiative and persistence.
  • Refine social skills.
  • Achieve a higher level of intelligence and imagination.
  • To develop a sense of high self-esteem.
  • To build a habit of concentration for lifelong study skills.
  • To develop and foster an abiding curiosity.
  • To develop habits of initiative and persistence.
  • To develop sensory-motor skills in order to sharpen the ability to discriminate and judge.
  • To acquire the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning.

Famous Montessorians:
Some Well-Known people who attended a Montessori School:

Jeff Bezos, financial analyst, founder of Amazon.com
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, former editor, former first lady (John F. Kennedy)
Berry Brazelton, noted pediatrician and author
Sergey Brin & Larry Page, co-founders of Google.com
Julia Child, famous chef, star of many TV cooking shows and author of numerous cookbooks
Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, rap star, music mogul
Kami Cotler, actress (youngest child on long-running series The Waltons)
Katharine Graham, former owner-editor of the Washington Post
Prince William and Prince Harry, English royal family
Anne Frank, famous diarist from World War II
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize winner for Literature
Melissa and Sarah Gilbert, actors
Friedens Reich Hundertwasser, Austrian painter and architect
Helen Hunt, Academy Award-winning actress
George Clooney, Academy Award-winning actor


Upcoming Events

Now enrolling from 12 months.

Hours of operation: 6:30AM - 6:00PM.

July 4th Independence Day (School Closed)
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